11 Mile Marina

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Sat, Sun: 7:00am - 7:00pm

Guided Trips

Let's Go Fishing!

Want a day on the lake with someone who knows the hot spots? We've got guides that fish this lake every day so we can help you have a catching day, not just a fishing day.

Lake Trips Ice Fishing Trips River and Fly Fishing Trips

Lake Trips

HALF DAY LAKE: Includes all equipment, boat, guide, fuel and photos for two persons 


HALF DAY LAKE: ADD PERSON (not more than two, preference is to add only one)

$  55.00

FULL DAY LAKE: Includes all equipment, boat, guide, fuel, photos and shore lunch (two persons)

$ 600.00

FULL DAY LAKE: ADD PERSON (same as above)

$  85.00

HALF DAY RIVER: Two person only. Gear available

$ 285.00

*Trips do not include any transportation to the lake/river, State Park fees, Fishing License fees or gratuities

BOATPAC SHUTTLE: Outfitter portage service of gear to Back Country campsites

One Way: $45.00

Round Trip $75.00

Some of the catches at 11 Mile Marina

Ice Fishing Trips

HALF DAY GUIDED - two persons 



$  55.00

FULL DAY GUIDED - two persons (Includes lunch)

$ 350.00


$  65.00

River and Fly Fishing Trips

River and Fly Fishing Trips available upon request. Please contact 11 Mile Marina to get a quote for a river or fly fishing trip


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11 Mile Marina
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