11 Mile Marina Weekly Fishing Report 03.07.19

WINTER SEASON HOURS:  Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM to 4:00PM M-F by reservation or if we are there. Plenty of great ice fishing to come in March!

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Not just a Seasonal job. The Park has come of age and is a major destination for many in the Summer. The Park sold out for every weekend by mid April the last two years. If you are interested in a career in recreation resort management or already in the business this could be a job for you. Salary varies based on experience starting at $16.00 per hour. In the Summer our crew can make $25.00/hour with gratuities. Full time. send resume to elevenmile@hotmail.com Also looking for guides must have your own boat and equipment. Working under our license. 

SUPPORT THE REPORT: We want to thank all of those who stop in and support the report by patronizing our store. Very much appreciated! No matter where you drive from, what side of the lake you fish on, what time you start fishing, it's always worth a visit to get up to the minute reports and information not available anywhere else. We want you to catch fish and will help you do that but can't do it over the phone. Free coffee with any in store purchase.

FISHING REPORT PHOTO CONTEST: Send us your best shot. If we use it on the report we will give you a $15.00 in store credit. We will pick the best entry (in our opinion) at the end of the season. Winner gets $100.00 in store credit. Size does matter but not always. Smiles, setting and overall presentation count too! Forward to elevenmile@hotmail.com or 11milesports.com. We will be posting pics not chosen on our Facebook and Instagram accounts from time to time. Many great shots only a pic or two chosen each week.but your pic may be chosen for reports later in the season and not necessarily in the week you sent it in.

THIS WEEKS WINNER(S): Mike Essam limits on Kokanee below. Other two pics are Marina shots. Top fish weighed in at 10lbs, look at the tail om that thing! Bottom one close to 8lbs.


CONDITIONS:: Park is open 24/7/365. It' still been Winter no open water. We did not get any snow out of the last big storm so trekking is not so bad. Ice thickness running 17 to 23 inches with four to six inches of snow on that.  It was warm with snow melting yesterday. The drainage into the lake from shoreline areas will effect water clarity in the shallows and it has been bad.  It's  been a great season with the best yet to come. Don't give up now! North Shore hit with massive stocking yesterday and today. Bring the kids have a blast. It's a numbers game. Late season ice fishing edges go first so be careful although everything is very firm right now.

WATER FLOW:   IN 49.9  CFS   OUT: 59.7  CFS   Water Temp: ICE COLD Water clarity poor.

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TROUT: GOOD: Crazy stocker action on the north side of the lake. They are spreading around. Many fish in the 17 to 20 inch range showing up. Mostly Cuttbows some Browns. Greens and Pink continue to be good colors. Baits like salmon eggs, Pautzke Firebait and Crawlers also have been producing. Bigger fish spotted in deeper water just below the ice down to 12 feet. It's worth a hike to 30 feet and deeper although there are lots of big fish beginning to show up. Top pic caught on a 11 Mile Marina all Pink Krystal Lazer on the bottom in 13 feet of water.  As the pics show there are huge fish being landed right now. Sandy shoreline areas in 3 to 5 feet of water. Salmon eggs and bait work well on the large spawning fish also but we like big tube jigs in white and green. Now is the time. Don't give up this could be the best ice fishing weekend of the Winter no bullshit!

KOKANEE SALMON: STILL VERY GOOD: The great 2019 bite continues. Some days are better than others just like "fishing". Fish have been very finicky. But when the bite happens its all hands on. Have extra poles ready so as not lose any time while they are in. Don't even waste time getting them off the hook, just get another rig and get back in the game. Changing up is the name of the game when they reject your offerings time and again. Spoons are our favorite but they hit micro jigs too. Try a stinger hook with a four inch leader off your Kastmaster, Krocodile or Swedish Pimple and a size 14 salmon egg hook with just a meal worm on it. They often will come in on the spoon and hit the dangling worm. North Shore and Duck Island are two great areas with North Shore the easiest hike. We did well in only 45 feet of water recently.

NORTHERN PIKE:FAIR: Sometimes you would think these fish middle name is Kokanee as finicky as they have been. They are there but very leery.  Waterdog on a tip up probably your best bet while fishing for Trout. If you are sight fishing stay cool, calm and collected when the big one comes in. We have seen these monsters stare at a bait for 20 minutes or more before inhaling your offering. It can happen if you let it. More often than not people get antsy and twitch their bait only to scare them off. Try 10 feet or less in coves or off weed beds. North Shore is full of stockers and large Pike full of stockers too! We have seen some monsters prowling the marina cove.


SPECIAL NOTE: 11 Mile Marina is located at the North Shore in Eleven Mile State Park, Lake George Colorado. A CPW Park Pass is required on all vehicles entering the Park.  Any fees for Guide/Outfitter/Rental services do not include Park fees, CO fishing license or gratuities.

The WEEKLY FISHING Report is produced by fishermen for fishermen. We try to get it done every Thursday but some times fishing or life gets in the way. So if its not there on Thursday morning it will show up by Friday. We appreciate all the support and acknowledge that many of you won't miss a week. Many Thanks. Oh and by the way there may not always be a  fish  pic.

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