11 Mile Marina Weekly Fishing Report 03.28.19

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WINTER SEASON HOURS:  Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM to 4:00PM M-F by reservation or if we are there. APRIL HOURS: Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM to 4:00PM

END OF ICE FISHING SALES: Shappell DX 4000 4 person shelter still available $259.00. ION 8" Electric Power Auger $399.00 Only one available.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Not just a Seasonal job. The Park has come of age and is a major destination for many in the Summer. The Park sold out for every weekend by mid April the last two years. If you are interested in a career in recreation resort management or already in the business this could be a job for you. Salary varies based on experience starting at $16.00 per hour. In the Summer our crew can make $25.00/hour with gratuities. Full time. send resume to elevenmile@hotmail.com Also looking for guides must have your own boat and equipment. Working under our license. 

NEW WEBSITE: We were recently informed that our hosting server will be servicing websites related to the bicycle industry only effective April 1. Working on a new site now. Next week will be last report on this site. Hopefully all will go smoothly. Cross our fingers

SUPPORT THE REPORT: It was a great Winter Season thanks for all your support. 2018-19 was one of the best!

FISHING REPORT PHOTO CONTEST: See next week's report for Winter Season Winner. Judges are conferring now.

THIS WEEKS WINNER: Kaylee got this one on a white tube jig tipped with sucker meat on a tip up. 6 feet of water.

CONDITIONS:: Park is open 24/7/365. Lake is 99% ice capped. Thickness running 8 to 20 inches. Small amount of open water at the inlet. NO SHORELINE OPEN WATER FISHING AVAILABLE YET. Edges go first. Caution advised. Ice Fishing this weekend no problem. Early on early off best policy.

WATER FLOW:   IN 47.5  CFS    OUT: 55.1  CFS  

MARINA STORE AND LAKE SPECIALISTS: Camping, ICE Fishing, Flies, Lures, Bait, Clothing, Food, Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream and more.  Stop in and check out our offerings and get the latest fishing information.  We have a great store with great selection of what works.  Support the fishing report... Shop our store on-line or here at the lake. Stop in and find out how we can help you catch fish, NO BS just great up to the minute info. Buy a lake topo map from us and we will mark it up with all the ICE FISHING hot spots. They say information is power. It's also critical to catching fish. The maps have GPS coordinates on them so you just can't miss. We want you to be successful here at the Mile. Hey we all shop Amazon how can you not but save a little of that tackle budget for us. Thanks in advance for you patronage. We are here because of your continued support.

TROUT GOOD:  Action is consistent all over the lake. Cross Creek to Suckers Cove fishing very well but be very careful of ice conditions. Typically things get softer faster there.  Stocker action strong at North Shore but you can see them almost anywhere now as the Winter stocking is rapped up. Large tube jigs, Trout Traps and Krystal Lazers hitting the best, always tipped with something. You can use meal worms, wax worms, salmon eggs, piece of night crawler, even small shrimp to entice on a jig but definitely use something.

KOKANEE SALMON:VERY GOOD: These are eating fish and it's time to eat. This could be one of the last weekends to fill the smoker with the tastiest treat around. SMOKED SALMON! The bite is sporadic with early and late the better times. Jigging machines really help but not required. Work the spoons with one rig and have a small micro jig on the other. Swedish Pimples and Kastmasters have been the most consistent. Some have caught them as far West as Stoll Mountain. It was a great Winter Season and hopes are the bite will move into Spring Trolling. Stop in for latest hot spots.

NORTHERN PIKE:FAIR TO GOOD: Activity has been picking up. Look to 10 feet of water or less. We are out of Waterdogs but sucker meat has been working on a variety of jigs. Either tip up or dead stick is a good approach but they will be attracted by the flash of a spoon too.

SPECIAL NOTE: 11 Mile Marina is located at the North Shore in Eleven Mile State Park, Lake George Colorado. A CPW Park Pass is required on all vehicles entering the Park.  Any fees for Guide/Outfitter/Rental services do not include Park fees, CO fishing license or gratuities.

The WEEKLY FISHING Report is produced by fishermen for fishermen. We try to get it done every Thursday but some times fishing or life gets in the way. So if its not there on Thursday morning it will show up by Friday. We appreciate all the support and acknowledge that many of you won't miss a week. Many Thanks. Oh and by the way there may not always be a  fish  pic.

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