11 Mile Marina Weekly Fishing Report 05.30.19

Kokanee caught from shore rocks at North Shore

Kokanee caught from shore rocks at North Shore

Crew of Isham with logo product placement. Early Koke action with best yet to come!

Crew of Isham with logo product placement. Early Koke action with best yet to come!

Big mamba jamba. Brandon Bauer and son last Sunday

Big mamba jamba. Brandon Bauer and son last Sunday

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2019 Marina Crew: Reilley, Dave, Aidan, Adam, Aramis, Stacy, Deanna , Fishin Jim and Captain Larry will be on deck to host you this Season and maybe an occasional Julio and Alex. Stop in and and let us help you catch fish and have a great time at the Mile.

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FISHING REPORT PHOTO CONTEST: Pic Of The Week. All photos must be recent. Please include full name, details about fish and pic. All entries will receive a 10% off in store coupon via email. Each weeks winner will get $15.00 in store credit. Winner of time period gets $100.00 in store credit. First contest ends July 31. Send entries to elevenmile@hotmail.com. Although size matters many factors are evaluated. Entries are starting to come in as more anglers finally get a chance to get out. If you bring in a fish for weigh in and pic you will still qualify.

CONDITIONS:: Park is open 24/7/365. The Holiday brought some respite from the cold and snow but wind held boaters at bay. Those anglers that went out did well overall. The wind held down the annual hatch which would show itself at every opportunity of calm conditions. Water temp went up than down as cold weather moved back in yesterday with highs in the 30’s. Brrrrrrr but it was calm.


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TROUT: GOOD TO VERY GOOD: We can only imagine how things might be if conditions get nicer. The bite has been strong from shore and boat even though the water is still cold for this time of year and the wind hasn’t stopped blowing. Mostly Cuttbows and occasional Brown’s. Lots and lots of smaller fish in the 13 to 15 inch range with good numbers of bigger fish running 17 to 19 inches. Lunkers over 20 inches are being caught with more frequency. As Taj Mahal sings….”Many fish bite if you’ve got good…..here’s a little tip I would like to relate…..I’m a going fishin, I’m a going fishin…. and my baby’s going fishin too… Stop in for the latest report as things literally change by the day in Spring. If you can’t catch you are doing something wrong and we can help…. but Wal Mart probably can’t. Accurate information is like gold. The small price you pay for something that costs a little more at our store will turn a fishing trip into a successful one. We want and will help you catch fish. All of our staff fish this lake hard and know what’s hot and what’s not.

KOKANEE SALMON:FAIR AND IMPROVING: Schools starting to show up and bite. The fish in top pic is notable both for the quality of the picture making a small fish look bigger and the fact that this young angler caught this nice Koke from shore. Casting into deeper water off the rocks at North Shore with a gold 1/4 OZ Kastmaster the fish hit as the lure dropped. He was quick to set the hook and was successful landing it. Trollers like in pic two are beginning to see success in deeper water in channel areas. Tas Devils, Needlefish, Kastmaster sometimes behind a Dodger or Cowbells working well. Look for schools on the locator and make circles around them if you can. Down rigger or lead core a must from boat but luck and persistence apparently can work from shore too. Go figure.

NORTHERN PIKE:FAIR TO IMPROVING: Action picking up on moderate size fish 26 to 30 inches. Howbert Point to points East all along the shore to Witchers Cove has been productive. Stoll Mountain to Rocky Flats in 12 feet of water or less has also seen action. Work the big sticks or big spoons. Can’t say enough about Kastmasters, they are on fire for all species so far this Spring.

SPECIAL NOTE: 11 Mile Marina is located at the North Shore in Eleven Mile State Park, Lake George Colorado. A CPW Park Pass is required on all vehicles entering the Park.  Any fees for Guide/Outfitter/Rental services do not include Park fees, CO fishing license or gratuities.

The WEEKLY FISHING Report is produced by fishermen for fishermen. We try to get it done every Thursday but some times fishing or life gets in the way. So if its not there on Thursday morning it will show up by Friday. We appreciate all the support and acknowledge that many of you won't miss a week. Many Thanks. Oh and by the way there may not always be a  fish  pic.

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