11 Mile Marina Weekly Fishing Report 08.08.19

Grandpa’s and Grand kids on an 11 Mile Marina Guided catchathon. Conner and Andrew had never caught a fish before. Family fish fry tonight!

Grandpa’s and Grand kids on an 11 Mile Marina Guided catchathon. Conner and Andrew had never caught a fish before. Family fish fry tonight!

HOURS:   MAY M-F 8:00AM - 6:00PM Saturday Sunday 7:-00AM - 7:00PM

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FISHING REPORT PHOTO CONTEST: No current contest. Winner June July to be posted next week.

CONDITIONS:: Park is open 24/7/365. All Park facilities are open. Witchers Cove Boat Ramp open Friday through Sunday. Great Summer weather continues with super nice mornings and frequent late afternoon showers. They generally don’t last long and bring always welcomed moisture. Weeds are an issue in some areas but not as bad as it has been in the past. They come on as the sun gets hire so early AM is best.

WATER FLOW:   IN 299  CFS    OUT: 231 CFS Water Temp 66

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TROUT: GOOD: Although August is typically a bit of a slower month action is very good on the Cuttbows ranging from 13 to 15 inches for those in the know on the troll. Depth is critical as fish are suspended in deeper water from North Shore to points West. Fish also hitting East to the buoy line but the action is not as good. The single most consistent trolling spoon this Season. for us has been the #1 Humpy Special Needlefish on a down rigger. People tend to buy the bigger #2 but # 1 is better. Other consistent lures have been the Watermelon Kastmaster and many different patterns of Tasmanian Devils both 7 and 13 gram. Mid morning has been best. Bigger fish have been more elusive. Those on shore using bait have caught the bigger fish. Shore anglers doing well on Salmon Peach, Rainbow and Garlic Power Bait and the Eleven Mile Night Crawler Mallow Sandwich. Night bite is good at 10:00PM and 2:00AM

KOKANEE SALMON:POOR: Hide and seek or no hide no bite. If you find large schools you will be hard pressed to get them to bite. Straight out from North Shore between Goose and Duck Islands have been the best bet. As far a baits your guess is as good as ours. We have seen floaters around here and that is a bad sign. Gill Lice is taking its toll.

NORTHERN PIKE: FAIR: Mark your calendar. SERIOUS FISHERMEN TEAM PIKE TOURNAMENT September 14. We have been extremely busy and working on the contest has been difficult. Will get it done and post entry forms ias soon as possible Fish are being caught but the big ones are hard to get to bite. You can see them some times but that doesn’t mean you can catch them. Work Howbert to Witchers or Cross Creek to Rocky Flats. We also like Corral Cove. Pitch the sticks and Bill’s Spinner Baits.

SPECIAL NOTE: 11 Mile Marina is located at the North Shore in Eleven Mile State Park, Lake George Colorado. A CPW Park Pass is required on all vehicles entering the Park.  Any fees for Guide/Outfitter/Rental services do not include Park fees, CO fishing license or gratuities.

The WEEKLY FISHING Report is produced by fishermen for fishermen. We try to get it done every Thursday but some times fishing or life gets in the way. So if its not there on Thursday morning it will show up by Friday. We appreciate all the support and acknowledge that many of you won't miss a week. Many Thanks. Oh and by the way there may not always be a  fish  pic.

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