11 Mile Marina

Location & Directions 719-748-0317
Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM to 4:00PM M-F by Reservation.

Feature Items

  • Striker Ice Climate Bib
    $239.95 - $269.95

    Striker Ice Climate Bib It Floats! The Striker Ice floating Climate suit is the Ferrari of premium ice fishing suits. The premium ice fishing bib with flotation assist… [more]

  • Striker Ice Predator Jacket
    $189.95 - $219.95

    Striker Ice Predator Jacket It Floats! The Striker Ice Predator jacket chooses to lead instead of following or getting out of the way! You won't find the combination of… [more]

  • 11 Mile Sports Chef's Special! Krystal Lazer and Tiny Tot Jigs

    We're offering 4 each of the tiny tots and Krsytal Lazer Jigs - in the 3 colors fish love to eat! 24 jigs total. In our store these sell for $2 each or 3 for $5. Buy… [more]

  • Striker Ice Predator Bib
    $189.95 - $219.95

    Striker Ice Predator Bibs It Floats! The new Striker Ice Predator Bibs will put an end to shopping around for ice fishing bibs and will get you out on the ice where you… [more]

  • 11 Mile Sports Full Color Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

    Stay warm and show off your love of fishing at one of Colorado's best fishing spots with this hooded sweatshirt. Four-color embroidered logo on left chest. Made of 100%… [more]

  • Tasmanian Devil -13 gram

    Get hooked by the devil with Wigston's 13 gram Devil. Best trolling speed is 4.5 KPH (2.75 MPH) and the correct speed is indicated by a pulsing or nodding action of the… [more]

  • 11 Mile Sports Fitted Caps
    $15.95 - $21.95

    A comfortable fitted hat perfect for everyday with an embroidered 11 Mile Marina logo. Available in several colors and for just a bit more 'catch' another fish on the… [more]

  • Striker Ice Climate Jacket
    $259.95 - $289.95

    Striker Ice Climate Jacket It Floats! The Striker Ice Floating Jacket is the Ferrari of premium ice fishing jackets. The first 3-in-1 premium ice fishing jacket with… [more]

  • 11 Mile Sports Krystal Lazer and Tiny Tot Jigs - Buy All 24

    In our store these sell for $2 each or 3 for $5. Buy Online and Save! We're offering a full set of the tiny tots and Krsytal Lazer Jigs - one of each color for $24. The… [more]

  • 11 Mile Sports Guides Choice - 18 Krystal Lazer and Tiny Tot Jigs

    Get 2 of each of our most popular colors for both Krystal Lazer and Tiny Tots, Chartreuse, Pink and Orange, total 12 jigs. Then let us choose 6 more, based on what's… [more]


Welcome to 11 Mile Marina

Tasmanian Devil Lures


The twisting twirling darting action of the Tasmanian Devil as it turns on its through-body wire has made this lure the number one trout troller in the West. And we have the hottest new sizes and colors!

Camping And Fishing at 11 Mile!

Camping and Fishing Adventures at 11 Mile - Call Us!Camping and fishing are two of America’s favorite outdoor pastimes. Learn how you can combine the two activities for a fun-filled adventure at Eleven Mile. Call us to make reservations for summer fun now.


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